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12 June 2018
There are so many factors that make a community a thriving place to be and one that is often overlooked is the importance of marketing and the brand being created alongside the physical and community investment.
23 March 2018
In the offices of almost every Registered Social Landlord in Scotland there will be a discussion happening on how best to engage with customers and how to embrace new technology. The world around us is becoming more connected and yet social mobility and social isolation remain real challenges in our communities.
25 January 2018
The current level of grant funding in Scotland is a fantastic opportunity for Housing Associations to drive up the delivery of new affordable homes.
11 December 2017
Over the last three months momentum has been building to one of the largest, if not the largest fundraising events in Edinburgh to help tackle one of society's most profound challenges, the problem of homelessness. At the time of writing this Social Bite's Sleep in the Park has raised nearly £4,000,000 through individuals sleeping out in the heart of the city as a demonstration of the challenge faced by many every day.
22 August 2017
The Edinburgh Region has recently signed a City Deal that has sadly missed the mark when it comes to Placemaking. With just one significant capital investment, targeted in Winchburgh to deliver an additional 3000 homes, there is a long way to go if we are to meet the target of 65,000 new homes in the Region. The time has surely come for us to recognise that it will take a whole market approach and require proper integration of infrastructure investment with a new debate on sharing risk between the public and private sectors.
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