Are you under-occupying your home?

If you are of working age (under 62) and have any of your rent paid by housing benefit then changes that will come in to force in April 2013 may affect you.

The new Housing Benefit rules will allow for one bedroom each for an adult or couple living as part of the household. For a further bedroom to be allowable:

  • Two children under 16 of the same gender will be expected to share
  • Two children under 10 regardless of gender will be expected to share
  • An additional bedroom will be allowed for a non-resident overnight carer for a disabled tenant or partner

Any household who has more bedrooms than they require under the new rules will lose a proportion of their housing benefit. The cut will be a fixed percentage of the rent and eligible service charge due.

  • 14% reduction for one extra bedroom
  • 25% reduction for two or more extra bedrooms

You will need to make arrangements to pay to Castle Rock Edinvar the difference between your Housing Benefit and your rent and service charge.  If you feel you may be affected by these changes please contact your Housing Officer now for advice about your options.

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