Just moved in?

The below information gives you an idea about what you can expect when you move in.

First meeting

Your housing officer will go through your tenancy agreement with you. This could be a Scottish Secure Tenancy (SST), A Short Scottish Secure Tenancy (SSST) which is a legal contract between you and Castle Rock Edinvar. It sets out the conditions of your tenancy, your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and our rights and responsibilities as a landlord.

We'll go through the conditions and other details including:

Follow-up meeting

We will make contact with you after you have moved in.

This is to:

  • Ensure contact details are shared
  • Check you're clear on how to report repairs, work your heating and know about rubbish collections
  • Discuss if you're having any problems with rent, housing benefit or neighbours
  • Offer advice and/or refer you for a financial health check
  • Tell you how you can get involved in your neighbourhood
  • Ask you to complete a new tenant satisfaction survey.
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