Complaints Performance

Learning from Complaints - April 2015 to March 2016

We value complaints and use the information from them to learn lessons and make changes to improve our services. We actively monitor our complaints and report to our Board Members on a quarterly basis and to the Scottish Housing Regulator.

We have a two stage procedure and will always aim to resolve your complaint at stage one unless you request that we escalate to stage two.

Stage 1 Complaints

Total number of complaints 732
% of complaints upheld 65%
% responded to within SPSO day target  93%
Average number of days taken to resolve complaints 4.23 days
% of customers satisfied with outcome 74%







71% of complaints were about maintenance services followed by 20% for housing services; the remainder for the other services.

 Stage two complaints

Total number of complaints received 18
% of complaints upheld 67%
% responded to within SPSO target 94%






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