Do I have to pay?

You need to arrange to carry out any repairs that are your responsibility.

Where there is damage or neglect you must also organise the repairs yourself. If you don't do this you will be asked to pay for the repair in full before we will carry out any work for you. There may be occasions where we intervene to avoid further damage to your home or that of your neighbours.

We will attend work that is defined as 'right to repair' to ensure the property is habitable. But we will recover the cost if you are responsible or negligent in your actions.

Examples include:

  • Any repair listed as your responsibility, for example, loss of leys or lock changes. We would make the property safe as a minimum
  • A leak caused by you, perhaps from your own appliance or action that resulted in pipework. We would make safe to avoid further damage
  • Securing broken windows where damage is caused by you or your visitors
  • Uncontrollable leak from water pipe, sink and so on caused by your neglect or damage
  • Blocked toilets and drains where you have caused the blockage, although we would attend to clear it if you only have one toilet

We will not carry out repairs to alterations you have made. Please remember to ask us for permission if you want to alter the property or change fittings. You may be eligible for compensation at the end of your tenancy for qualifying improvements.

Criminal damage

If you've been a victim of criminal damage, we will normally pay for the repair. You must report it to the police and get an incident number. You'll need a valid crime reference number if the police have been in attendance. You may be held responsible for the cost of the repair if this is not supplied.

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