Fire safety guidance for customers

Our sincere and heartfelt condolences are with those who have been affected in any way by the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in London. 

We would like to reassure residents that fire safety is of critical important to us and we carry out a range of measures to keep our residents and homes safe.

  • We meet regularly with the fire service to consider fire risk and safety of our residents and homes.
  • We work with independent fire advisory services to test and challenge our existing arrangements.
  • We carry out regular tests of fire safety equipment and building inspections, in line with regulations.

We have taken a number of additional steps following the Grenfell Tower fire. These include:

  • We have already checked the external cladding at all of the affordable housing blocks we own with six storeys or more. None of the cladding is the same that was used at Grenfell Tower.
  • We have committed to reviewing all our properties that have a floor height above 18m to establish if a fire sprinkler system is practical and would improve the fire safety measures within the block. 
  • We have increased our staff presence at some tower blocks to reassure residents and provide safety advice.
  • We have commissioned a review of the fire risk assessments for all of our properties with six storeys or more.

Fire safety guidance

Our fire safety guidance applies to all customers, especially those living in flats, and is available in the customers section of our website.

Additional Safety

Common Parts

Never store items within the common stair as this could impede your escape or could be used to create a fire. We carry out regular inspections of the communal areas and facilities (including escape routes, refuse areas/chute and stores, fire doors, fire-fighting equipment, emergency lighting and fire detection systems) to identify and respond to any ongoing risks. If you think there are items within your stair that could cause a risk please contact us to report this.


The source of the Grenfell fire is reported as a Hotpoint fridge freezer. Anyone who has a white Hotpoint fridge freezer model number FF175BP or Graphite fridge freezer model number FF175BG should register their appliance with the manufacturer to receive any updates. Generally, the model number is found on a bar code on a sticker behind the salad container in the fridge.

Gas Safety

As a landlord we conduct a service of your boiler within every 12 month period to ensure that the boiler is safe and working efficiently. This is important and a legal requirement. Please ensure that you facilitate access for our gas engineer to call. Appointments are available early evening and Saturdays.

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