We are starting Fire Risk Assessments

We are committed to making our people and places safe.

We will shortly start a programme of Fire Risk Assessments in buildings with common stairs that we are responisble for to better understand any potential fires risks, how we can best prevent a fire and contain the spread of it within a property.

This is not a legal requirement but we view this as good practice, particularly with the highlighted awareness of fire safety from both our customers and Scottish Government. 

The work will be conducted by a company called Osterna who will have I.D and a letter of instruction from us. We would like them to gain access to some flats particularly to check your front door, as this is the first barrier to contain fire.

Fire risk assessments already completed have shown us that to improve your safety, we should: 

  • Ensure stairs are clear of personal items, prams, bikes etc. to remove fire hazards and to ensure safe escape.
  • Install clear safety signage within our blocks.
  • Upgrade lighting and fire doors where necessary.

Once we have completed our full assessment, we will share our fire safety recommendations for your common area to protect you and your home.

You can find more guidance on staying safe in your home from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service website

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